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EPSRC Doctoral Training Opportunities


A robust and layered support structure is available to all students in the EPSRC DTP cohort, including through:

A major strategic review of mental health provision and services was carried out which led to some significant improvements/recommendations for students across the University and include an increase in investment into the University Counselling Service; dedicated wellbeing advisors in each College to enable early identification of students in distress; and closer links and information exchange through a new partnership with the NHS to ensure that our students are receiving the clinical support they need for their mental health.

A re-structure of the Disability Resource Centre has also taking place that moves to subject-based support disability/accessibility specialists. This will allow more contextualised recommendations for support and further promote inclusive training, learning and assessment practices.

In summary, there are multiple avenues of support which students can access, and steps are being taken to ensure our systems for pastoral care interact effectively, whilst enriched by online and in-person sessions, which enhance each student’s ability to be self-reliant and confident in their studies.