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EPSRC Doctoral Training Opportunities


Below you will find a summary of all projects available for the internship programme this year. A full list with project outlines is available here

For any informal queries regarding the projects, please contact the supervisor listed. Each project on the PDF file has a link to a relevant contacts page.

For other queries relating to the internship programme please contact

Institute of Astronomy

Supervisor Avishai Gilkis
Project Title Populations of helium stars in the Local Group
Key Words helium star evolution, stellar populations

Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Supervisor Ewa Marek
Project Title    CO2 capture with nanomaterials
Key Words CO2 capture, energy, nanomaterials, experiments

Department of Chemistry

Supervisor Alexander Forse
Project Title   The electrolyte design of Zn-ion capacitors for electrochemical carbon capture
Key Words Energy Storage; Carbon Capture; Electrochemistry; Materials Chemistry; Technology
Supervisor Ruth Webster
Project Title C–O Activation for C–N Bond Formation
Key Words Homogeneous catalysis, inorganic/organic synthesis, mechanisms
Supervisor Svetlana Menkin
Project Title How do electrolyte properties determine battery energy, power, and cyclability?
Key Words battery, electrolytes, spectroscopy, lithium, dielectric constant
Supervisor Jenny Zhang
Project Title Pyrolyzed 3D Carbon Electrode for Biophotovoltaic Devices
Key Words pyrolysis, carbon, biophotovoltaic, electrochemistry, 3D printing
Supervisor Pawel Dydio
Project Title Summer Internship In the Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Key Words organic synthesis, homogenous catalysis, transition-metal complexes, reaction development, mechanistic understanding

Computer Science and Technology

Supervisor Jamie Vicary
Project Title    Rust Programming for a New Proof Assistant
Key Words Programming, rust, web programming, category theory
Supervisor Soumya Banerjee
Project Title Using large language models for reasoning on visual tasks
Key Words machine learning, human-like computation, reasoning and abstraction in machines, large language models
Supervisors Guy Laban, Micol Spitale, Hatice Gunes
Project Title Detecting Mood Change and Loneliness in Human-Robot Conversation
Key Words Human-robot interaction, machine learning, deep learning, affective computing, mental health
Supervisors Hatice Gunes and Guy Laban
Project Title Equipping Large Language Models (LLMs) with Affective Computing Skills
Key Words Large Language models, affective computing, AI, machine learning, computer vision
Supervisor Roly Perera
Project Title Fluid: A Programming Language for Transparent, Self-Explanatory Research Outputs
Key Words programming languages; program analysis; climate science; transparency; data visualisation
Supervisor Tobias Grosser
Project Title Neural Network to WASM Compiler
Key Words Compilers, WebAssembly, Machine Learning, WebGPU


Supervisor Tzia Ming Onn
Project Title    Flexible Self-healing Ion Gel Battery
Key Words Energy Storage, Solid State, Ion Gel, Stability, Self-healing
Supervisor Holger Babinsky
Project Title High-speed Flow Measurement Equipment Controls
Key Words measurement technology, matlab, data acquisition, control, aerodynamics
Supervisor Amparo Güemes Gonzalez
Project Title Unification of codebases for biosignal processing and development of interactive interface using Python
Key Words Coding, signal processing, python, graphical user interface, signal visualisation
Supervisor Rachel Thorley
Project Title Climate resilient schools: smart building monitoring and outreach.
Key Words Decarbonisation, Energy Efficiency, Smart sensors, Data, Outreach
Supervisor Letizia Mortara
Project Title Effects of virtual reality and AI deployment in scenario planning
Key Words VR, AI, AR, Scenario planning, Programming, Experiments, Interviews
Supervisor Thomas Bohné
Project Title Using Mobile Augmented Reality for Guiding Multicopter Drone Attachment to Payload
Key Words multicopter drone, augmented reality, AR, mobile AR, drone-to-payload attachment
Supervisor Thomas Bohné
Project Title Using Augmented Reality and Gestural Input to Operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Key Words drones, augmented reality, AR, drone control, gestural input
Supervisor Thomas Bohné
Project Title Using Augmented Reality to Guide Manual Assembly of Origami Robots
Key Words origami robotics, augmented reality, AR, computer vision, edge computing
Supervisors Fumiya Iida, Yue Xie
Project Title Large-scale experiment and fluid dynamic simulation of the falling paper problem
Key Words Emergent behavior, robot design, falling paper, fluid mechanics, machine learning
Supervisor Fumiya Iida
Project Title Soft Robotic Walking Fish
Key Words robotics, bioinspiration, locomotion, soft material, underwater
Supervisor Fumiya Iida
Project Title Robotic Interpretation of Sheet Music for Piano Playing
Key Words Piano playing robot, sheet music, robotic interpretation, robot control, coordinated keystrokes

Department of Geography

Supervisor Michael Bravo
Project Title    Curriculum Development for Sustainability for the Third Pole Cryosphere Region
Key Word SDGs, Third Pole, Geography, Curriculum Development

Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy

Supervisor Larissa Gomes Franca
Project Title    Colour-tuneable upconversion emission via triplet-triplet annihilation
Key Word colour-tuneability, photon upconversion, triplet-triplet annihilation, sensitizer materials, optical spectroscopy

Faculty of Mathematics

Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP)

Supervisor Adrien Lefauve
Project Title    Salt dispersion and mixing in estuaries: laboratory experiments
Key Word estuaries, sea-level rise, turbulence, fluid dynamics, coastal engineering
Supervisor Nuno Oliveira
Project Title The evolution of microbial cooperation in space
Key Words microbial communities, cross-feeding, cooperation, competition, motility
Supervisor Angelica Aviles-Rivero
Project Title From Theory to Treatment: Advancing Implicit Neural Representations for Healthcare
Key Words Deep Learning, Medical Imaging, Implicit Neural Representation
Supervisor Amelia Drew
Project Title Cosmic Strings and Boson Stars
Key Words Cosmology, gravity, dark matter, fundamental fields, theoretical physics
Supervisors Kasturi Shah and Peter Haynes
Project Title The fluid dynamics of smoke-filled vortices in the stratosphere
Key Words fluid dynamics, atmosphere, applied mathematics, partial differential equations, computation
Supervisor Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb
Project Title Deep neural networks in physics-based inverse imaging problems
Key Words Inverse problems, physics-informed neural networks, deep learning, learned reconstruction, learned regularisation

Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics (DPMMS)

Supervisor Varun Jog
Project Title    Inequalities between f-divergences
Key Words f-divergence, hypothesis testing, inequalities

Department of Physics

Supervisor Sarah Bohndiek
Project Title    Automatic Segmentation of Cells from Raman Spectroscopy Data
Key Words Medical Imaging, Raman Spectroscopy, Deep Learning, Data Science, Cancer Biology
Supervisor Nur Ünal
Project Title Geometric and dynamical interpretation of topological invariants
Key Words Topology, quantum mechanics, Chern number, ultracold quantum gases
Supervisor Bo Peng
Project Title Physical properties of carbon nanomaterials from supercomputer modelling
Key Words electronic structures, density functional theory, fullerene