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4 December 2019, 9.30-15.30
Frankopan Hall, West Court, Jesus College, Jesus Lane 

This event is aimed at first year students on new EPSRC CDTs here in Cambridge. As such, Responsible Research and Innovation training (RRI) is a mandatory part of the training programme. Some of the training will be group focused while others will be more personalised. This event is designed for all six CDT cohorts to take together and is an introductory workshop.  In the morning session colleagues from the Research and Integrity Office and the Researcher Development Team will guide you through the first part of the Responsible Innovation Framework. In the afternoon session you will work in groups and put what you have learnt into practice using a selection of case studies.  

What is Responsible Research and Innovation? 

It is about acknowledging that science  

  • can raise questions and dilemmas 

  • can often be ambiguous in terms of purposes and motivations 

  • can be unpredictable in terms of impacts (i.e. economic, social or environment) beneficial or otherwise.  

It (RRI) creates spaces and processes to explore these aspects of innovation in an open, inclusive and timely way. It includes, but goes beyond, considerations of ethics, public engagement, risk and regulation, important though these are.  

In this first workshop you will learn how to assess the risks of your own research proposal using the AREA framework and the four ‘P’ components of RRI.  

Your preparation 

Although it may be too early for you to have a research proposal of your own to work with, please take some time before the workshop to think about your own research interest. Write a short paragraph about this and highlight any potential risks or issues that you can think of and bring it with you to the workshop. 

Students are asked to bring their own resources for note-taking e.g. laptops, notebooks, pens.


9.30 arrival for a 9.45 start  (sign in and collect badges)

9.45 - 12.15 Session 1 Introduction to the Framework (to include a coffee break at 11.00)  

12.15 - 13.00 Lunch break (sandwich buffet in the Dining room)  

13.00 - 15.30 Session 2 Case studies and groupwork 

15.30 coffee, tea, cake delivered for informal networking after the event  

Directions to Frankopan Hall in West Court

The Frankopan Hall is at West Court on Jesus Lane. Enter via the Jesus College main entrance (Porters Lodge) and follow the signs to West Court. In the courtyard, head for the far south west entrance.

A map is available on the Jesus College website here.

The nearest  space for cycle parking is available outside the ADC theatre, or along the main entrance to the College.
Please do not park any bkes on the railings outside the houses opposite Jesus College as they will be removed.